Do You Know That The Rosary Is A Power Weapon In Your Hand?

Most catholics don’t know the power behind the rosary; that’s why they jump from one church to the other.

Probably some pray the Rosary for praying sake, as-in full filling all righteousness.
The Rosary should be said with your full consciences, and not just once a day, it should be prayed all the time, if possible say it every hour and every word in it should be mentioned as if you really mean it and as if your whole life depended on it.

At the time it becomes a being in you, and then you will begin to discover the power attached to it.
Every single Mystery of the Rosary makes a count spiritually, physically and mentally.

Today’s Glorious Mystery is so powerful e.g. THE DECENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT every time I pray that part i am always on fire and it renews and upgrade my spirit life it’s an amazing experience.

Hello friends share your experience praying the Rosary and encourage others. Your comment will really help to encourage others. Thank you.

(Wednesdays & Sundays )
i. The Resurrection of Jesus. Mark 16:19
Meditation: Risen Lord, source of life,
help us live the true virtue of our baptism
by renouncing all sins and living in you Jesus
we pray for all those people who doesn’t know
you: give them new life by the power of your

ii. 2nd Mystery, Jesus Ascension to Heaven
Luke: 24:50-51.
Meditation: oh Flower of Trinity, guide us to pure
love and let us understand that in this world we
should know only one sadness, that not being holy

iii. 3rd Mystery, The Descent of the Holy Spirit Acts:2:2-3
Meditation: Mother of beautiful love, you who have
Known all its sweetness, light in us the sacred flame of
Fire and love, which will let us dine with your Son Jesus Christ
Risen Lord, fill our hearts with your spirit so that in our homes,
In our communities and in the whole church we may live together
In unity and peace Amen.

iv. 4th Mystery Mary’s Assumption to heaven Romance:6:5
Meditation: Gentle Mother, while we rejoice for your glorious
Assumption to heaven obtain for us the grace that we too
May rise so as to be in company with the souls of our brethren.

v. 5th Mystery: Contemplates Mary’s Coronation as Queen of Heaven
Meditation: May Mary fill your heart with the flowers and fragrance
of ever fresh virtues, and place her maternal hand on your head,
always keep close to our Mother, because she is the sea that must
be crossed in order to reach the shores of eternal splendor in the
kingdom of dawn.

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